Application tips

  • Company's office is located in the economically developed Nanshan Science and Technology Park, which is convenient for work, life and transportation.
  • Network Age We advocate the principle of contact with email and mobile phone. Please check the availability and validity of the E-mail or mobile phone number provided in your resume before and after the application.
  • We fully respect each candidate: carefully read the application materials, organize interviews with care, and respond to screenings, interviews, and employment results in a timely manner.
  • We adhere to the principle of applying for a return: whether or not we include an interview or a list of appointments, we will use E-mail (preferred) and SMS to respond to the application in a timely manner. Due to respect for all candidates, our interview and hiring decisions may not be very satisfactory. In this case, please communicate with us in time and look forward to hearing your good suggestions.
  • The resume will not be returned, and will be deposited in the Human Resources Library of Fiber Protection as appropriate. Our company will not disclose it or use it. Meet and meet, no appointment.
  • Human Resources will notify the application results by email (preferred), SMS and phone.