Fiber Protection Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with a new generation of optical fiber communication technology and sensing technology as its core research direction. The company focuses on national strategic needs, technological innovation as the starting point, strong alliance, strong technology. The R&D strength has opened up a new industrialization path for the transformation of original and subversive technologies.


With the development of new and high technologies, national and social security issues are more complicated. Information security and network security are related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and have an important strategic position in the national security system. In 2014, China established the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group, aiming to build a network-strengthening goal of “strategic clarity, advanced technology, industry leading, attack and defense”. The optical fiber communication line security monitoring system independently developed by Fiber Protection Technology uses the new optical fiber sensing technology to build a safety barrier for the country and provide intelligent equipment for urban construction.


As the industrialization cooperation platform of Fudan University Optical Fiber Research Center and Guangdong Fu'an, the company brings together the first-class innovative research team in the field of optical fiber sensing, and is committed to the optical fiber wide-area dynamic monitoring technology industry, using domestic/international leading new optical fiber sensing. Technology has risen rapidly in the field of national security and the construction of smart cities. The company has strong technical research and development strength, and is equipped with a professional, mature experimental technology and engineering construction team.

System Features

Centralized detection management & Concise and intuitive alarm mode & Geographic information schematic alarm & Statistical analysis & Alarm processing mechanism

Technical Strength

Full intellectual property & prior warning & can detect eavesdropping behavior & continuous monitoring & transport system function camp costs are low.


Optical fiber single-core positioning technology & Long-distance positioning monitoring & Multiple alarm methods & Multiple monitoring methods & Electronic maps display alarms in real time.

Application Fields

Urban integrated pipe gallery, subway, tunnel, cable trench, prison, warehouse, airport, campus, villa, gas heating pipe, etc.


All-Fiber City Cable Channel Monitoring And Control System

Perimeter Intrusion Alarm System

Communication Fiber Security System

All-fiber Pipeline Security system

Core Area Intrusion Prevention System

Pure Fiber Voice Monitor System

Fiber Locating Searching Instrument


General Staff Communication Research Institute

China Railway Group II

Fudan University AI Researchers

The Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security

Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology

Institute of Optics, Chinese Academy of Sciences