HR system

Salary and benefits

We provide more attractive compensation and welfare standards in the industry. The company has a standardized compensation management system, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of the company's employees.

Working Hours

The company's office staff has a five-day working system. The company not only cares about you, but also cares about your family. The company wants you to work in a state where your business and family are in balance.

  • Social insurance and provident fund
  • Paid Holidays
  • Performance incentive
  • Employee Training
  • Major holiday benefits
  • Tourism and group building

Social insurance and provident fund       

All formal employees enjoy five insurance and one gold  

paid leave      

The company adheres to the philosophy that “employees are the company's greatest wealth” and provides a generous paid holiday to ensure the balance of work and life of employees:
According to the service years, you can enjoy 5 to 15 days of paid annual leave. You can apply after 3 months of employment. Employees also enjoy statutory public holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, maternity leave, abortion leave, breastfeeding leave, paternity leave, bereavement leave. Waiting for holidays;

Performance incentive     

In order to motivate employees with excellent work performance and help employees with poor performance to improve themselves in the fastest time, we introduce performance incentives, which are intended to improve the efficiency of the entire company. The performance incentive performance results directly affect Employee bonuses, promotions and training developments.

Employee Training

We understand the importance of “training” to a company. The company provides a large number of targeted internal and external training opportunities based on the specific conditions of employees and organizations.

Major holiday holiday benefits & Tourism group building

In short, “attracting people, motivating people, cultivating people, and retaining people” is the basic starting point for guiding our human resources policy. “People-oriented” is the norm for our actions. “Improving the benefits of organizational interests” is the ultimate goal of our human resources policy.  

The company is well aware that the company must successfully implement the in-depth development of the optical fiber intelligent monitoring industry. In addition to the objective conditions of the market and the financial support, talents are one of the most important factors. Therefore, the recruitment of elites to the company is not high or low. A team of energetic and coordinating people is waiting for you. A colleague atmosphere that pursues career success and pursues happy work is waiting for you.