Case of Campus Security System

School is an important place and institution for developing students' ability and cultivating national talents. With the continuous deepening and development of education in China, the scale of school education is widened, the area is wide, and the personnel are intensive, which limits the campus security and other fields. Compared with the more special, the campus security problem has become increasingly prominent.

Several malignant attacks on campus in recent years have revealed that there are still weak links in campus security construction. How to reduce and prevent the occurrence of various accidents on campus has become a problem that schools and society need to actively deal with.

As an important part of the Ping An Campus, the campus perimeter is the only barrier to isolate the ivory tower from the outside world. It is also the first line of defense against illegal intrusions and anomalous events. It can be said that the construction level of the campus perimeter security system directly determines The overall security level of the entire campus.

Classic Case

Success Cases

  • Fudan University Jiangwan New Campus Campus Perimeter Security Project
  • Chengdu Qizhong Campus Perimeter Security Engineering
  • Dongguan Songshan Lake Experimental Middle School Campus Security Project
  • Dongguan Songshan Lake Happiness Children's Campus Security Project
  • Dongguan Songshan Lake Junior High School Campus Security Project
  • Dongguan Songshan Lake Central Primary School Campus Security Project
  • Changsha Smart Pipe Network Project
  • Changsha City East Road Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Optical Fiber Monitoring System
  • Dongguan Songshan Lake Cable Ditch (Common Gully) Intelligent Monitoring System Phase I
  • Dongguan Songshan Lake Cable Ditch (its Tonggou) Intelligent Monitoring System Phase II
  • Overseas Chinese Town Group Shanghai Xinpujiang City Phase II perimeter security project
  • China Navigation Museum Zhoujie Security Engineering
  • Shanghai Disney Perimeter Security Engineering
  • Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party and Government Office New District Zhoujie Security Engineering
  • Dingshan Prison Zhou'an Security Project in Jiangsu Province
  • Qiaosi Prison defense project in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Building perimeter defense project
  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation China Launch Vehicle Technology Water Research Institute Zhoujie Security Engineering
  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Aerospace Aerodynamics and Water Technology Research Institute High-pressure Irrigation District Perimeter Security Engineering
  • Second Artillery Base Perimeter Security Engineering
  • Air Force Multiple Important Warehouse Perimeter Defense Engineering
  • Somewhere(Classified) on the border defense construction perimeter security project
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